Maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation and Central Air-Conditioning Systems

MAINTENANCE OF MECHANICAL VENTILATION & CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEMS Course Background Mechanical Ventilation (MV) and Air Conditioning (A/C) systems are complex mechanical systems. MV is used to introduce fresh outside air into buildings, circulate air within buildings and, remove odours and moisture in buildings. Air conditioning […]

Condition Assessment in Predictive Maintenance System

Executive Training Course (2-Day) CONDITION ASSESSMENTS IN PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS Course Background Maintenance work in a Preventive Maintenance System is based on rigid cycle time as opposed to real time evidence of need as ascertained from inspections in a Predictive Maintenance System. Some 30% cost […]

Strata Property Management: Legislation & Property Management Challenges

STRATA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: LEGISLATION AND MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Course Background Strata title allows ownership of individual units (termed a strata lot) in a property development and shared ownership of common property such as lift lobbies, driveways, garden and swimming pools. This form of property ownership (particularly […]

Project Management of Refurbishment / A&A Work

PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF REFURBISHMENT / A&A WORK Course Background Building Refurbishment and Alteration & Addition (A&A) Work is on the rise in Singapore; this trend is expected to continue with ageing of buildings and increasing user demands for quality buildings and facilities. The distinct differences […]

Outcome-Based Facilities Management & Maintenance

OUTCOME-BASED FACILITIES MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE Course Background Outcome-Based (aka Performance-Based) outsourcing is a buying strategy whereby procurement and award of a contract is focussed on the ability of the Service Provider (SP) to achieve outcomes/results of competitive value for the Service Buyer (SB), examples of […]

Office Space Planning, Optimisation & Management

OFFICE SPACE PLANNING, OPTIMISATION AND MANAGEMENT Course Background Property occupation/space cost is invariably the second-highest recurrent cost after staff costs for most organisations and represents a significant component of service delivery costs. Private sector organisations have responded by setting a limit on space allocated per […]

Maintenance of Water Supply and Waste & Sewage Disposal Systems

MAINTENANCE OF WATER SUPPLY AND WASTE & SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS Course Background Water supply and distribution in buildings is a fundamental requirement, the mode of delivery to users differ with height and function of the building. The sanitary plumbing system of buildings should carry away […]

Maintenance of Lifts and Escalators

MAINTENANCE OF LIFTS AND ESCALATORS Course Background Lifts / Elevators are an integral part of building services in high-rise buildings. They are however increasingly being installed in low rise building to provide accessibility for the ageing population. Escalators are designed to move people continually between […]

Maintenance of Electrical Installations

MAINTENANCE OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Course Background Electrical distribution installations and systems are getting increasingly complex today and incorporate a wider range of equipment and related accessories. For safety reasons, electrical distribution within buildings must comply with Codes of Practice. For maintenance servicing, a ready means […]