Outcome/Performance-Based Cleaning Services Procurement

OUTCOME/PERFORMANCE-BASED CLEANING SERVICES PROCUREMENT Course Background Cleaning services are invariably outsourced; either as a standalone service or packaged in an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contract. Prescriptive specifications are currently mainly used to buy these services; they include headcounts to provide, what, how and when cleaning […]

Maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation and Central Air-Conditioning Systems

MAINTENANCE OF MECHANICAL VENTILATION & CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEMS Course Background Mechanical Ventilation (MV) and Air Conditioning (A/C) systems are complex mechanical systems. MV is used to introduce fresh outside air into buildings, circulate air within buildings and, remove odours and moisture in buildings. Air conditioning […]

Strata Property Management: Legislation & Property Management Challenges

STRATA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: LEGISLATION AND MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Course Background Strata title allows ownership of individual units (termed a strata lot) in a property development and shared ownership of common property such as lift lobbies, driveways, garden and swimming pools. This form of property ownership (particularly […]

Project Management of Refurbishment / A&A Work

PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF REFURBISHMENT / A&A WORK Course Background Building Refurbishment and Alteration & Addition (A&A) Work is on the rise in Singapore; this trend is expected to continue with ageing of buildings and increasing user demands for quality buildings and facilities. The distinct differences […]

Outcome-Based Facilities Management & Maintenance

OUTCOME-BASED FACILITIES MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE Course Background Outcome-Based (aka Performance-Based) outsourcing is a buying strategy whereby procurement and award of a contract is focussed on the ability of the Service Provider (SP) to achieve outcomes/results of competitive value for the Service Buyer (SB), examples of […]

Office Space Planning, Optimisation & Management

OFFICE SPACE PLANNING, OPTIMISATION AND MANAGEMENT Course Background Property occupation/space cost is invariably the second-highest recurrent cost after staff costs for most organisations and represents a significant component of service delivery costs. Private sector organisations have responded by setting a limit on space allocated per […]

Maintenance of Water Supply and Waste & Sewage Disposal Systems

MAINTENANCE OF WATER SUPPLY AND WASTE & SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS Course Background Water supply and distribution in buildings is a fundamental requirement, the mode of delivery to users differ with height and function of the building. The sanitary plumbing system of buildings should carry away […]

Maintenance of Electrical Installations

MAINTENANCE OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Course Background Electrical distribution installations and systems are getting increasingly complex today and incorporate a wider range of equipment and related accessories. For safety reasons, electrical distribution within buildings must comply with Codes of Practice. For maintenance servicing, a ready means […]

Fire Safety in Buildings

FIRE SAFETY IN BUILDINGS Course Background Fire safety concerns the protection of occupants, building structure and contents from the risks associated with fires. Protective measures at design building stage include layout planning and suitable construction form and materials aimed at preventing the spread of fire […]

Facilities Management & Maintenance

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE Course Background Facilities Management (FM) remains a term, which eludes precise or consensus definition. Nonetheless it has emerged in the modern business economy as a key strategy for developing and sustaining competitive advantage. Despite frequent references to it being a non-core […]